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Upcoming major events

Zali Clark - Honors Student

Zali will be using the Indoor Arena at the Equine Centre too conduct her research with volunteers from the Wagga Wagga community.

'How does asymmetry feedback affect rein tension?'

The aim of this research study is to determine how feedback provided to riders on asymmetry in their rein tension when riding in a straight line, affects the subsequent pressures they provide through the reins post feedback. Asymmetry in the reins goes on to affect the pressure the bit provides, thus the overall position of the horses head, body and welfare is impacted.

We look forward to seeing the results of Zali's project.

July is a busy month with the following events being held:

9th & 14th July - Zali Clark Honors research prac.

15-16 July - South West Hack Association Clinic. 

22-23 July - REA Showjumping Clinic

22 July - REA Wagga Dressage Club - Training day

29-30 July - Michelle O'neill Horsemanship Clinic