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Research Facilities / Areas

Man standing in laboratoryThe EAL is also a research centre equipped with cutting edge instrumentation such as a gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer (GS-MS), liquid chromatograph and mass spectrometer (LC-MS). EAL not only provides researchers and postgraduate students at CSU with such facilities, but also conducts research in the following areas on its own or in cooperation with other research groups within the university, including:

  • Allelopathy - chemical warfare between plants
  • Development of analytical methodologies for allelopathy and other natural products research
  • Characterisation and analysis of plant biophenols
  • Development of natural herbicides from plants
  • Development of methodologies for analysing pesticides and other pollutants in environmental samples by GC-MS - SPME, LC-MS
  • Applications of GC-MS, LC-MS, GC-MS-SPME in biological, agricultural and environmental sciences for the characterisation of chemicals of interest
  • Essential oils, particularly for the development of CSU benchmark standards for the Australian lavender industry

EAL is also a research centre offering the following for commercial clients, researchers and students:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Training of personnel
  • Method development