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Services Offered


Man working in labThe Environmental and Analytical Laboratories specialise in and can provide routine chemical analysis of the following sample types:

  • Water supplies
  • Ground waters
  • Effluent discharges
  • Soils
  • Surface waters
  • Waste waters
  • Air particulates
  • Sediments
  • Analysis of miscellaneous organic and inorganic sample types eg. plant material, asbestos etc.
  • Lavender oils

Contaminated Land Assessment

The EAL staff can provide professional consultancy services in the area of contaminated land assessment including defining the type and concentration of contamination present and developing methods to treat various contaminants.

Training and Development

The EAL can design and develop training courses for interested clients. Courses cover areas such as; microbiology, analytical chemistry, environmental science, general laboratory science, total quality management and food science.


As a consultancy service the EAL can provide:

  • Regulatory licence monitoring programs
  • Baseline monitoring programs
  • Salinity and nutrient measurement and management
  • Assessment of water quality criteria
  • Agronomic measurement for sustainable agricultural practices