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Peer Review of Teaching

The Faculty of Science Peer Review of Teaching process is faculty-based professional development program involving peer observation of teaching. The focus of this model is to encourage staff to take a critically reflective approach to their teaching practice for developmental purposes. Through a process of peers engaging and providing critical friend feedback, staff work towards enhancing the quality of their teaching practice.

Who What Why and How

Who can be my peer? Who can be a reviewer? What teaching formats can be reviewed? Why engage in peer review of teaching? How do I request a peer review of teaching?

Pre-observation information Reviewees

Pre-observation information RevieweesWhat do I need to do? What resources do I need to access to prepare for a review?

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Pre-observation information reviewers

Pre-observation information reviewersWhat will I be doing as part of this process? What do I need to do before a peer review?

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Observation information reviewees

Observation information revieweesWhat can I expect at an observation?

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Observation information reviewers

Observation information reviewersWhat do I have to do at an observation?

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Post-observation information reviewees

Post-observation information revieweesWhat happens after a review? What can I do as a result of the review?

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Post-observation information reviewers

Post-observation information reviewersWhat do I need to do after the review? What are the benefits for a reviewer?

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Charles Sturt University acknowledges the materials provided by RMIT University in the development of the Peer Review scheme.