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New Book from Associate Professor David Watson

Mistletoes of Southern Australia

Mistletoes of Southern Australia

David M Watson   Charles Sturt University

Colour Paintings, Colour photographs
200 pages, 245 x 170 mm
February 2011

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Wednesday March 9, 3pm-5pm

Building 751, Room 111

Wayne Deans (ILWS PhD Candidate), Proposal seminar

Working Title:  Building Australia's future landscapes within the confluence of climate, energy, water, waste, food and fibre and human well-being.

This thesis will explore the role of landscape vegetation in South-Eastern Australia to provide liveable landscapes, resource needs and a means of taming the negative externalities created during the Anthropocene for future generations. The focus on a transition to a partial biomass economy is a central plank of this work. Two coexistent and inextricably linked sets of problems, which for convenience are labelled Wicked Messes and the X Problem (a tentative label) respectively, determine the scope of study. The first, the Wicked Messes, is a set of six problems that are distinct, but also intricately interconnected, these being: Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW); Asset depletion; Soil, water and air degradation; Biodiversity loss; Population and community; and, the infinite drive of organic beings to acquire resources. The second, the X Problem, is the need for and/or control and management of energy, water, waste, food and fibre and human-well being.

Wednesday March 16, 3pm-5pm

Building 751, Room 111

Gaye Bourke (SES Honours student)

Cascades Carnivore Connectivity Project: Evaluating highway barriers to carnivore movement in the  Cascade Mountains, Washington, USA.

Gaye spent three months in 2011 working as a fieldwork biologist in the North Cascades mountains as part of her undergraduate studies. She used hair corrals to collect genetic samples from American black bears to evaluate the impacts of one of three major highways which bisect the North Cascades Ecosystem in south-west Washington state.

Field Programs

 Nepal Field Trip 2010

Environment and Culture in Nepal: Optimising the needs of Protected Areas, Threatened Species and Human Livelihoods

A university study program in natural resource management, conservation and human development. Four weeks of field experience in Nepal supported by extensive reading of relevant research from the study areas.