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Research is the scientific foundation for clinical practice. The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health is committed to contributing to, and engaging with research which results in new and emerging nursing practice and aligns with the CSU Research Narrative. For students considering studying their research degree at CSU the following information may assist you in finding the appropriate researcher for your topic and chosen methodology.


Older People Teaching and Educating Aged Care and Health (OPTEACH)

  • Funding body NSW Family and Community Services, Liveable Communities Grant
  • Grant $93,000
  • Commencing 2017

This grant is to develop support documents to support the inclusion of older people in residential aged care in the teaching of ageing. Older people in residential aged care are often isolated and are not recognised for the valuable and rich life experiences that they have to share.

The outcome of this project will be models and strategies for managers, educators and older people to facilitate the sharing of life those experiences with the aged care workforce.   

Project team

  • Associate Professor Maree Bernoth
  • Lyn Croxon
  • Judith Anderson
  • Eileen Petrie
  • Clarissa Hughes
  • Denise Winkler

Gaming - a strategy to engage nursing students in learning ageing (GSELA)

  • Funding body Learning and Teaching Grant
  • Grant $10,000
  • Commencing 2016

To develop gaming strategies to enhance learning about ageing. Students will have the opportunity to implement assessment skills and subsequent clinical decisions related to working with older people through the use of avatars. Students will be able to appreciate the direct impact of their nursing practices on older people through the avatars.

Project team

  • Associate Professor Maree Bernoth
  • Lyn. Croxon
  • Amali Hohol
  • Denise Winkler
  • Ryun Fell
  • Ben Atkinson
  • Susan Theobald

Exploring non-traditional, quality clinical placements in an aged care facility in Western NSW

  • Funding body HETI Grant
  • Grant $14,000
  • Commencing 2016

This led to a report to the funding body, Enabling Community: Partnerships for Learning and Mentoring in Aged Care and a conference presentation. The research is continuing.

Outcomes: This project has eventuated in an innovative approach to attracting registered nurses to rural aged care and substantial links between CSU and the aged care industry.

Project team

  • Associate Professor Maree Bernoth
  • Lyn Croxon
  • Dr Judith Anderson

Entitled, Social and Community Links: a driver of healthy and active ageing

  • Funding body Carewest
  • Grant $60,000
  • Commencing 2015 - 2017

This project explored the impact of dedicated aged care specialists working with older, community dwelling people who are isolated with the aim of reconnecting them with their communities in a way that is meaningful to them. A three year project with initial data being written up for publication prior to the final data collection phase.

Project team

  • Associate Professor Maree Bernoth
  • Mark Morrison
  • Oliver Burmeister
  •  Z. Islam
  • Rylee Dionigi

Preparing Students for Evidence-Based Practice: What's happening?

  • Funding body Charles Sturt University Faculty of Science Seed grant
  • Grant $8456
  • Commencing 2017

This initial study will seed a body of work underpinning innovative curriculum design and health-service collaborations to better prepare health-practitioners for insightful and impactful translation of research evidence into practice. This program of translational research promises multiple publications and successful external funding applications.

Project team

  • Dr Kylie Murphy
  • Ass/Prof Michael Curtin
  • Jessica Biles
  • Ruth Crawford

International Survey of Nurse Managers' Views on Compassion in Nursing

  • Funding body Middlesex Univeristy United Kingdom
  • Grant 
  • Commencing 2017

The research study is being led by Professor Irena Papadopoulos of Middlesex University, United Kingdom. The project is being co-ordinated by Dr Magdeline Aagard from the United States of America. Several countries from around the world are participating in this study. This study leads on from a previous study entitled 'Exploring the cultural aspects of compassion in nursing: An international on-line survey' which ran from 2014-2016.

Project team

In collaboration with academics from 15 countries:

  • Professor Irena Papadopoulos
  • Dr Magdeline Aagard
  • Shelia Ali
  • Jessica Biles

Expanding non-traditional, quality clinical placements in an aged care setting in Western NSW

  • Funding body
  • Grant $14,000
  • Commencing

The main objective of the proposed project is to expand non-traditional, quality work-integrated learning (or clinical placements) in aged care settings in rural Australia. This will be achieved by establishing an innovative and sustainable Centre for Interactive Learning and Mentoring, located in Holy Spirit Aged Care Facility, Catholic Healthcare, Dubbo, in collaboration with Charles Sturt University (CSU), and the Health Education & Training Network.

Project team

  • M. Bernoth 
  • L. Croxon
  • J. Anderson
  • D. Thomas
  • J. Beach

Reablement: Development and evaluation of an education intervention for Family Based Care in the North West of Tasmania

  • Funding body Family Based Care North West Tasmania Incorporated
  • Grant  $70,000
  • Commencement  July 2017

This project is in two parts. Firstly the establishment of the nature of "reablement" as a new concept in care, and one which has not yet been defined in Australia, followed by the conversion of these ideas into a teaching program. The second part is the evaluation of the roll out of reablement following the teaching of the program to relevant members of Family Based Care in the NW of Tasmania.

Project Team

  • Professor Steven Campbell
  • Dr Hazel Maxwell
  • Associate Professor Marguerite Bramble
  • Dr Sarah Prior
  • Associate Professor Annette Marlow

Connection, engagement and transformation: A partnership approach to improving the individual first-year student experience within a diverse population

  • Funding body University of Tasmania First Year Experience Committee
  • Grant $7,000
  • Commenced March 2017

Using a partnership model and action research framework, this project aims to identify strategies to maximise first year student engagement on a satellite campus with a diverse student cohort.

Project Team

  • Associate Professor Marguerite Bramble
  • Professor Greg Rickard
  • Dr Hazel Maxwell
  • Craig Campbell
  • Sally Farrington
  • Rochelle Einboden
  • Richard Say