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Peer Review of Teaching

The Faculty of Science Peer Review of Teaching process is faculty-based professional development program involving peer observation of teaching. The focus of this model is to encourage staff to take a critically reflective approach to their teaching practice for developmental purposes. Through a process of peers engaging and providing critical friend feedback, staff work towards enhancing the quality of their teaching practice.

What do I need to do?

  1. Notify Faculty Staff and Student Liaison team (SSLT) that you will be undertaking a review
  2. Pre-observation meeting with your reviewer – maybe over a coffee
  3. Complete the Information for Faculty form (Google Form) must be completed by REVIEWEE to have $25 added to a Flexi Account on your CSU staff card
  4. Peer review observation
  5. Post-observation meeting – again over coffee or lunch

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Pre-observation information Reviewees

Pre-observation information RevieweesWhat do I need to do? What resources do I need to access to prepare for a review?

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Pre-observation information reviewers

Pre-observation information reviewersWhat will I be doing as part of this process? What do I need to do before a peer review?

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Observation information reviewees

Observation information revieweesWhat can I expect at an observation?

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Observation information reviewers

Observation information reviewersWhat do I have to do at an observation?

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Post-observation information reviewees

Post-observation information revieweesWhat happens after a review? What can I do as a result of the review?

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Post-observation information reviewers

Post-observation information reviewersWhat do I need to do after the review? What are the benefits for a reviewer?

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Charles Sturt University acknowledges the materials provided by RMIT University in the development of the Peer Review scheme.