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Post-observation information reviewees

What happens immediately after the review?

It is recommended that you and your reviewer meet as soon as possible after the observation to discuss feedback. As the reviewee you will need to organise the post– observation meeting. Again this could be done over a cup of coffee.

The reviewer will provide you with written feedback targeting the agreed areas – either at this post observation meeting or within 2 weeks of the observation

Reflection and future goal setting?

As a result of the peer observation and feedback you should consider the following questions:

  1. How can I use the ideas and useful suggestions that were made to be by my colleague?
  2. What have I learnt about my approach to teaching and learning?
  3. What I am going to do to implement these ideas and suggestions? Develop an action plan?
  4. What is my plan for future peer observations and other professional development?

An action plan template may assist this process.  See Peer Reviewee Reflection Sheet (doc)