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Observation Information reviewees

What can I expect at an observation?

Each peer review will generally comprise of a one hour observation by the peer (and Educational Designer if included). The reviewer will use the Dimensions of Teaching (pdf) and Peer Review Report Template (doc) to assist them in providing feedback and suggestions to you.

A knowledge of your discipline is not required for your peer reviewers – they will look for factors such as the level of engagement of your students during the observation and how you effectively meet the criteria of your selected dimensions of teaching.

The peer reviewers are aware that the dimensions of teaching that you are demonstrating will at times overlap i.e. you will in your teaching session sometimes demonstrate more than one teaching dimension at a time.

At the pre-observation meeting you may have discussed:

  • How this class fits in with the overall subject?
  • What you want the students to learn by the end of this class? Are the outcomes clear?
  • Are there any pre-class student assignments or preparation that this class is building on?
  • The specific aspects of this class or your teaching style on which you would like to receive feedback? Which of the Dimensions of Teaching (pdf) that would you like the review to focus on? Are there any additional dimensions that you would like feedback on e.g. Graduate Learning Outcomes
  • Anything else you would to focus on in this review?


  • The logistics for observation and post-observation meeting with reviewer– time, place, and length of observation (generally an hour).


  • How will class time be used?
  • What can the reviewer expect to see?
  • Are there any teaching materials you have prepared that may be relevant for the reviewer to see?
  • What did you and your reviewer decided that you tell the students about the observer in the class?