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How do I register for a peer review of teaching review?

You can send a request to

If you have a reviewer in mind nominate them in the email.

If you do not have a reviewer in mind a Faculty Student and Staff Liaison team member will suggest a possible reviewer for you.

Who can be my 'peer' – Who can be a reviewer?

This Peer Review of Teaching activity is designed to provide formative support where 'critical friends' can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. The focus of the review is on learning about one's own teaching rather than on the specific content of that subject. Ideally the reviewer will be:

  • from a different school and or different discipline to the reviewee, and
  • of similar or equal professional level. E.g. both level B, or level B and C. There should, in general, be no more than one level difference.

Additionally you may choose to broaden the discussion by inviting an educational designer to be part of the review process. This has the benefit of potentially adding alternative perspectives by peers with specific expertise in learning and teaching including suggestions around learning technologies.

Be wary of choosing someone who you consider to have a very similar teaching style to yourself this may limit discussion around new approaches and ideas. You may share common faults.

Identifying a partner for peer review may assist you in this process

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What teaching formats can be reviewed?

Peer review of teaching can be undertaken on a range of activities including face to face and online teaching, tutorials, residential sessions, clinical, laboratory and fieldwork.

If you are interested in reviewing a particular teaching activity you can discuss this with a member of the Faculty Student and Staff Liaison team. Email and a member of the team will contact you to discuss how we can assist you.

Why engage in a peer review of teaching?

  • Peer Review of Teaching is potentially beneficial to both the reviewer and the reviewee. It is an opportunity for both the participants to reflect on and learn about own their teaching approaches.
  • The process is collegial and supportive with the reviewer acting as a 'critical friend' who is also open to learning from the reviewee.
  • It provides opportunities for scholarly and collegial discussion about teaching.
  • It facilitates the dissemination and sharing of expertise concerning teaching and learning within CSU by drawing on the strengths and range of experiences of different staff.
  • Peer Review of Teaching provides an avenue for feedback on the potential outcomes of teaching methods on students' learning.
  • It provides the opportunity for staff members to add to their teaching record or portfolio.