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Virtual Herbarium

The Charles Sturt University Virtual Herbarium is taking the plants of the Murray and Murrumbidgee to the web. The Virtual Herbarium allows you to view specimen information and images, obtain detailed revegetation information for the South West Slopes and the Riverina of NSW, access the On-Line Grasses Guide and use the Woodland Web.

Virtual Floral Formula - Assoc Prof Geoff Burrows

Understanding flower structure is an important part of appreciating how a plant functions and is involved in understanding pollination syndromes, fruit structures, plant breeding and in identifying plants. The 'Virtual Floral Formula' will allow you to improve your skills in recognising the major flower parts, while learning how to prepare floral formulae.

Learn about the structure of flowers and the writing of floral formulae with this interactive website

Supermarket Botany - Assoc Prof Geoff Burrows & Dr John Harper

This application is an excellent platform for teaching students about the differences between fruits and vegetables, the differences between roots, stems and leaves and the developmental sequence from flowers to fruits. Many people have published information on Supermarket Botany in different forms over the years. Hopefully we have developed a fresh approach.

Be warned, you will never be able to see fruit and vegies in the same way again!!