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Peter Mills

 Peter Mills

BScAgric (Natal), MScAgric (Natal)

Peter, who hails from Zimbabwe, joined Charles Sturt University in February 2008.

After completing a research Masters in Horticultural Science with the University of Natal in South Africa on climatic aspects of protected cultivation of tomatoes, he spent a brief period as a technical advisor within the pesticide industry; and then several years in university education, lecturing in horticulture, agrometeorology, agronomy, and crop protection.

After this, Peter spent sixteen years in the export horticulture industry as a private horticultural consultant in southern and eastern Africa for producers exporting produce to the UK and European high street multiples.

Peter then consulted throughout Africa and the Middle East within the NGO and pesticide sectors, setting up pesticide stewardship capacity building programs; and capacity building in inventory and safeguarding of obsolete pesticides within the Africa Stockpiles Program (ASP).  Peter developed stewardship capacity building materials for the Asian region.

Peter’s current research interests are in agricultural education.

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  • AHT101 Professional Skills in Agriculture and Horticulture
  • HRT306 Vegetable Crop Management
  • HRT307 Flower Crop Management
  • HRT308 Temperate Fruit & Nut Crop Management
  • HRT309 Tropical & Subtropical Horticultural Crop Management
  • AGS107 Precision Agriculture & Data Management

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Research Interests

Peter's research focuses on agricultural education at all levels, including:

  • Capacity building
  • Student transition to University
  • Student experience
  • Tertiary horticulture education

Current Research Projects

  • Online and face-to-face Problem Based Learning
  • Online teaching

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Professional Memberships

Other Professional Activities

  • Coordinator, CSU MyDay HSC days
  • Presenter, Orange Campus, Future Moves for primary school children

Teaching administration

  • Revitalisation of the Bachelor of Horticulture degree

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Recent Publications

View Peter's publications on CRO.

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