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Associate Professor Geoff Burrows

Associate Professor Geoff Burrows

BSc(Hons), PhD Qld

Geoff studied the anatomical aspects of bud formation and resprouting of hoop pine, a native conifer, for his PhD. Since coming to CSU he has concentrated on the ecology of the native vegetation of the South West Slopes, the way that eucalypts and various other tree species recover from fire and various aspects of the structure and function of the Wollemi Pine. He has recently investigated the anatomical structure of several weed species.

Geoff has also developed several interactive web-based applications to help students with the basics of plant structure. He has received several teaching awards, both national and international, for these resources.

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Teaching  Interests

Geoff teaches in:

He also has developed interactive web-based tutorials and tests to help students with their understanding of plant structure.  Please visit the CSU Virtual Herbarium website to explore:

With Dr Bruce Kirchoff (University of North Carolina) he has developed 'Visual Learning - Agricultural Plants of the Riverina' to help agriculture and veterinary science students learn to recognise major crops, pasture plants, weeds and poisonous plants.

Geoff has received awards for teaching excellence from:

  • Australian Society of Plant Scientists
  • Australian Learning and Teaching Council
  • Botanical Society of America (CE Bessey Award)
  • CSU (Vice-Chancellor's Individual Award for Teaching Excellence)
  • Australian Office for Learning and Teaching

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Research Interests

  • Anatomical aspects of post-fire recovery in the eucalypts and other members of the Myrtaceae
  • Anatomical aspects of post-fire recovery in cork oak (Quercus suber)
  • Anatomical and structural aspects of development in the Araucariaceae, eg.  resprouting in the Wollemi pine, seed germination of Bunya pine
  • Structure and development of agricultural weeds such as silverleaf nightshade and various cucurbits

Current Research Interests

  • Bark photosynthesis in the Myrtaceae
  • Resprouting in conifers
  • Imbibition patterns in the seeds of acacias

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Professional Memberships

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Recent Publications

View Geoff's publications on CRO.

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