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Application Appeals

An Admissions Appeals Committee (AAC) has been formed to consider appeals from new applicants who have been unsuccessful in gaining an interview for entry in the Veterinary Science program and for applicants who have left the course, do not have an approved leave of absence and who wish to rejoin the program. The committee consists of any three members of the Veterinary Selections Admissions Committee plus one external member.

New Applicant Appeals

Applications close mid-September through UAC.  All supporting documents must have been lodged with your application, with the exception of final academic results.  If you wish to appeal against your failure to be interviewed for a place in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science program at Charles Sturt University, please fill in the New Applicant Appeals Form.

You are not able to appeal for the following:

  • You submitted an incomplete application
  • You have a special consideration which has been assessed by UAC

Appeals will be accepted only for procedural or administration errors.  No extra documentation will be accepted.

Your appeal must be received at the School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences within three weeks as advised in your notification that you were not successful in gaining an interview.

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Applicants wishing to rejoin the program

Applicants who have left the course for two years or more and/or do not have an Approved Leave of Absence and who wish to rejoin the program will need to apply in writing to the Admissions Appeals Committee (AAC) as well as applying through UAC (if you are no longer studying at CSU).

This letter should explain:

  • Reason(s) for wishing to re-enter the program,
  • Reason(s) why you left the program,
  • What activities you have undertaken in the interim (study and / or work)
  • Why you believe you will successfully complete the course if re-admitted.

You may be asked to appear before the AAC in person.

You must seek to re-enter the program within a three year time frame of leaving the course in order to be considered for re-entry. After three years, students wishing to re-enter the course must follow the same procedures for entry as a student who has never been granted admission.

Applicants must apply to re-enter the program by the normal application closing dates. The AAC will respond to the application within a four week period.

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Excluded applicants

As exclusion on academic grounds is normally course specific; students can apply to study another award course while excluded. To recommence study in the course from which they have been excluded, students must reapply in competition with all other applicants when their period of exclusion is completed. The application process is as for current CSU students.  In your letter to the Head of School, address how you believe you will successfully complete the course if readmitted. Readmission is not automatic and you will need to reapply by the normal application closing dates.

In certain circumstances, usually if a student has been excluded for a second time, exclusion is from all CSU courses, but they will be notified of the provisions of their exclusion when they receive their notice. Students should familiarise themselves with the Academic Progress Regulations relating to "Conditions of Exclusion" for more detailed information.