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Associate Professor Ken Jacobs

Associate Professor Ken Jacobs


After graduation Ken spent 2 years in mixed practice in Tasmania followed by an internship at Murdoch University, tutor at the University of Queensland and residency at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. Ken was a partner in the Canberra Veterinary Hospital for many years. During that time the hospital grew to be one of the premier veterinary hospitals in Australia.

Ken has assisted with the design and development of the veterinary hospital facilities at Canberra and at CSU.

Ken is now most interested in equine lameness and examines many lameness cases both in his private veterinary practice and at the CSU Veterinary Clinical Centre.

Ken has been active in both industry and professional bodies. He is currently on the executive of the AVA special interest group Veterinarians in Education and Research. He is actively involved with issues affecting veterinarians and is a regular contributor to various online forums regarding veterinary practice and equine lameness.

Ken works at CSU 1.5 days per week He supervises external placements for senior students in equine specialist practices. He is actively involved with the equine clinical teaching program and was involved with the initial development of many of the Equine Problem Based Learning cases. He is interested in developing learning methods and approaches most suited to ensuring optimal outcomes for clinical training.

Ken and his wife have a farm at Wallendbeen. They focus on pasture productivity, fat lamb and beef production.

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Research and Teaching Interests

Ken’s post graduate Masters degree was on wound healing in horses and he has several publications on this topic. Ken is presently working on several case reports.

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Ken has given numerous presentations to professional and lay audiences.

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