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Associate Professor Shokoofeh Shamsi

Associate Professor Shokoofeh Shamsi


With qualifications and expertise in veterinary and medical parasitology, Shokoofeh is an international expert in parasite taxonomy, especially those parasites that cause diseases in humans and animals. She couples conventional morphological techniques with modern molecular technologies to diagnose infections and identify parasite species. Shokoofeh discovered several new pathogenic species and strains causing emerging diseases in humans and animals in Australia and worldwide. This led to her receiving a highly competitive award from the Australian Academy of Science in 2011 for international travel and receiving the Recognition Medal of Global Biodiversity Meeting on Parasites and Aquatic Ecosystem Health by University of Allahabad, India for sustained academic efforts and contributions to advanced research. She is regularly invited to national and international conferences as a key note speaker, for example to ICOPA (2018). She has also been appointed to the editorial board of the World Register for Marine Species (WoRMS), ‘International Journal of Food Microbiology’ and ‘International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health’ and is the Section editor of ‘Parasitology Research’. Shokoofeh is executive member of the Australian Society for Parasitology, and also Japan Society for Parasitology, Alumni Association in Australia.

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Shokoofeh has taught and coordinated across several undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in internal and distance modes. Subjects she has contributed to include:

  • Parasitology
  • Introduction to Microbiology and Parasitology
  • Animal Health
  • Equine Parasitology
  • Intensive Animal Production
  • Introduction to Animal Science
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Comparative Anatomy
  • Principles of Pathobiology
  • Zoology

In addition, she regularly contributes to graduate training programs for laboratory diagnosticians, veterinarians, medical doctors and health practitioners.

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  • Medical Parasitology
  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Transmissible parasites between animals and humans
  • Parasite taxonomy, systematics and diagnosis
  • Cophylogeny among parasites and their hosts
  • Transmission patterns and ecology of parasites
  • Food safety
  • Climate change and parasitism
  • Health of the Murray Darling Basin
  • One health

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Selected Invited Speaker

Invited Speaker. Annual Scientific Meeting for the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, Pathology Update 2019, 22-24 February, Melbourne, Australia.

Keynote speaker. 14th International Congress of Parasitology. 19-24th August 2018. Daegu, South Korea.

Invited Speaker. Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science, First Symposium of Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Alumni Association in Australia, 9-10 October, 2017, Canberra.

Invited speaker: Annual Meeting of the Australian Society for Parasitology (26-29 Jun 2017), Leura, Blue Mountain

Invited speaker at Westmead Hospital’s Hospital Week (17 August 2017), Sydney

Invited speaker, Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (March 2017), Leura, Blue Mountain

Selected Public Lectures

Is seafood safe? Sponsored by Australian National Nuclear Research and Development Organisation (ANSTO) and Science for Public Program. September (2012).

What are parasites? Museum of Riverina, October (2010).

Parasites and their impact in human life, Museum of Riverina, September (2010).

Selected Conference Presentations

A review of Australian freshwater fish parasites. Annual Meeting of the Australian Society for Parasitolog. 30 June- 3 July (2014). Canberra, Australia

Dangerous, dead or alive: A revision of the taxonomy and biology of anisakid nematodes. Systematics without Borders, 1-6 December (2013). Sydney, Australia

Description and taxonomy of three new species of Acanthocephala in Australia. 24th International Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology. 25-29 August, (2013) Perth, Australia

A Terranova story. Annual Meeting of the Australian Society for Parasitolog. 2-5 July (2012). Launceston, Australia

Infection with anisakid nematodes in Australian marine fish: knowledge, gaps and importance of future work. First Australasian Scientific Conference on Aquatic Animal Health. 5-8 July, (2011). Cairns, Australia

Infection with anisakids nematodes in Australian marine fish: is there a problem? 12th International Congress for Parasitology. 15-20 August, (2010). Melbourne, Australia

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Current Postgraduate students:

  • Megan Porter, Parasitism in jew fish in Northern Australian waters (Shamsi, Barton)
  • Majid Banaii, Health status of marine fish in Iraqi marine waters (Mohammed Jori, Shamsi)
  • Alara Nuhoglu, Role of freshwater snails in transmission of helminthic parasites in Murray Darling Basin (Shamsi, Barton)
  • Michelle Williams, Bio-security and food safety in Australia; assessing the risk and knowledge gaps for zoonotic and non-zoonotic parasites in local and imported seafood products (Shamsi, Hernandez-Jover)
  • Md. Shafaet Hossen, Genetic diversity of aquatic nematodes in Australia and Bangladesh (Shamsi, Wassens)
  • Javad Daghigh, Molecular diagnosis and control of monogenean parasites (Dalimi, Pourkazemi, Shamsi)
  • Thomas Williams, Impacts of Parasitism on Production and Buffalo in Pakistan and Australia (Shamsi, Jenkins)

Examples of research outputs in the Media

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