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Paramedicine Clinical Simulation

Video streams of paramedic clinical practice scenarios and simulations are available for live viewing.

These live streams demonstrate the clinical practice of paramedic students in training and are intended to encourage students to engage in reflective practice to learn from their own experiences as well as those of their colleagues.

These live streams are not intended to be used for educational purposes outside of the CSU paramedic courses and should be  considered true and accurate performance of appropriate paramedic practice.

Video | Simulation Room 3057

Video | Simulation Room 3058

Video | Simulation Room 3059

Video | Simulation Room 3060

Video | Simulation Room 3052 South side

Video | Simulation Room 3052 North side & Ambulance

Video | Bathurst Simulation Clinic Stream 1

Video | Bathurst Simulation Clinic Stream 2

Video | Bathurst Simulation Clinic Stream 3