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Workplace supervisors have dual responsibilities; to their organisation and to students they are supervising. Supervisors are primarily healthcare professionals and at all times remain responsible to their clients and upholding their professional codes of conduct. When undertaking student supervision in addition to their clinical roles supervisors undertake educational roles including provision of competent role models, facilitation and management of students' learning and empowerment by the students to take control of and responsibility for their learning.

  • Ensure that confidentiality and equity and access for all students is maintained throughout all WPL processes;
  • Provide students with an environment that stimulates learning through constructive mutual feedback, active mutual questioning and debriefing;
  • Assess the student's level of performance and provide feedback to both the student and the university regarding the student's progress and final level of achievement.
  • Participate in professional development activities aimed at developing WPL skills;
  • Acknowledge WPL as a vital professional activity, as an investment in the profession and in future recruitment for the facility by dedicating time and effort to the student's learning;
  • Discuss any student related issues as they arise with either the student's subject coordinator or workplace learning administrative officer, who if required will direct the supervisor's concerns onto an appropriate University student support or counselling officer.
  • Provide the student with the resources required to perform to the best of their abilities (i.e., orientation to the service and department, required readings, constructive feedback, discussion time, workplace experience/information);
  • Provide the university and the student with information regarding the facility, the service, accommodation provided, dress code and the services provided in order for students to prepare for their WPL;
  • Be responsible for those aspects of client care for which the students have not been prepared or are unable to perform; and
  • Provide the student with a workplace load commensurate with the student's level of knowledge and experience.

Forms requiring completion by the Site Organisation

Bachelor of Medical Science/Bachelor of Clinical Science/Bachelor of Forensic Biotechnology

Bachelor of Pharmacy

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