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Bachelor of Medical Science

Bachelor of Medical Science/Bachelor of Clinical Science/Bachelor of Forensic Biotechnology

When first approaching a prospective Site organisation, students should provide a copy  of the Placement Agreement.

There are a number of forms to be completed throughout the Workplace Learning process. These are as follows:

FORM A – Workplace Learning WPL Agreement Form - This is an official document which must be completed and signed prior to a placement commencing. This formalises the process and ensures insurance coverage for the duration of the placement. All parties in a placement (student, Site organisation and the University) must sign this.

FORM B - Supervisor Evaluation Form -  This form is to be completed by the student's placement supervisor and returned to the student OR emailed to the Subject Coordinator.

FORM C - Placement in own workplace project proposal Form - This form must be submitted by students wishing to complete placement in their own workplace.

Mandatory Requirements

Students are required to do an authorised amount of time in Workplace Learning.  To be eligible to attend any Workplace Learning you will need to submit to

  • National Police Certificate
  • Vaccination Record card - evidence of immunisations
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

Please note: These documents need to be actioned as soon as possible (preferably by the end of Semester one).

National Police Certificate

As part of your compliance check, you must provide an original nation police check.  The national police check can be ordered via your home state police force or you can obtain a national police check via a CrimTrac accredited broker. If you obtain a check via a CrimTrac accredited broker it must comply with the following:

  • It must be from a CrimTrac Accredited Broker Agency (as listed on the CrimTrac's website) or an Australian State or Territory Police Force or the Australian Federal Police (if you live in the ACT); and
  • It must state that it is a National or Australia wide check; and
  • It must include the student's full name and their date of birth; and
  • It must not have any offences listed (students with a criminal history must provide a Clinical Placement Authority Card (CPAC) or conditional letter from the Employment Screening and Review Unit, NSW HealthShare); and
  • The name on the Police Certificate must be the same name as on the Student's ID card.

CrimTrac information can be found via their website at

Immunisations/Vaccination Record Card

All students attending placement in a health organisation must have a documented immunisation /vaccination history.

You should note that some of the vaccinations required can take some time to complete especially the Hepatitis B program which takes 6 month, and they can be very expensive.   Please obtain your vaccination history as soon as possible so that any vaccinations that are required can be commenced/completed in time for your Workplace Learning which, depending on your discipline, may commence during session 1 of the 1st year of study.

You must produce the documentation that supports any vaccinations and serology results you may already have received and any further vaccinations/serology results you must have to meet the requirements of NSW Health.

You will need to have your GP or Medical Centre nurse complete all the information on the Vaccination Card and each vaccination must have date of vaccination and Batch number recorded together with the signature of the registered health practitioner recording the information and the Medical Centre practice stamp.

You are required to obtain a HARD copy of pathology results and these must be attached to your vaccination card.

Your vaccination history information is available from:

  1. Childhood immunisation records that many of your parents/guardians will have.
  2. Your local GP will have records if your vaccinations were given by them.

First Aid Certificate

A current HLTFA301B - Apply First Aid Certificate (formerly known as Senior First Aid) is required.

Uniform Requirements

Laboratory staff may be involved with the general public.  With this in mind it is essential that you project a professional appearance through your attire, manners and punctuality.

Enclosed footwear is essential for both male and female staff employed in a laboratory setting. Laboratory coats and gowns will be provided by the placement site.

All students should display a CSU placement badge whilst on clinical placement (not your student card). Please see the Clinical Placement Coordinator to arrange a placement ID badge.