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Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy

When first approaching a prospective Site organisation, students should provide a copy of the "Work Placement Information for Site Organisation" booklet. This booklet contains information regarding the subject as well as relevant contact information and samples of the Placement Agreement, Placement Evaluation Form, Attendance Sheet and Insurance Letter.

There are a number of forms to be completed throughout the Workplace Learning process. These will now appear on the WPL i2 site for Pharmacy students and staff from Year 1 through to Year 4.

If you require further information or clarification please contact your Clinical Placement Coordinator from your Campus.

Mandatory Requirements

On admission to the course, all year 1 students will receive a generic email regarding health compliance/verification.  This includes:

  • National Police Check
  • Vaccination Record card - evidence of immunisations
  • Senior First Aid Certificate

National Police Check

Students are required to have a National Police Check.  The National Police Check is valid for three years only and is available through a State or Territory police service or the Australian Federal Police.  Checks take approximately 2-4 weeks to process and should be sent to your home address.  This (original) check is to be sighted by the Workplace Learning Administrative Officer on your Campus.

Immunisations/Vaccination Record Card

All students attending placement in a health organisation must have a documented immunisation /vaccination history.  Many students are already vaccinated and do not need to have further injections.

You should note that some of the vaccinations required can take some time to complete especially the Hepatitis B program which takes 6 months, and they can be very expensive.   Please obtain your vaccination history as soon as possible so that any vaccinations that are required can be commenced/completed in time for your Workplace Learning which, depending on your discipline, may commence during session 1 of the 1st year of study.

You must produce the documentation that supports any vaccinations and serology results you may already have received and any further vaccinations/serology results you must have to meet the requirements of NSW Health.

You will need to have your GP or Medical Centre nurse complete all the information on the Vaccination Card and each vaccination must have date of vaccination and Batch number recorded together with the signature of the registered health practitioner recording the information and the Medical Centre practice stamp.

You are required to obtain a HARD copy of pathology results and these must be attached to your vaccination card.

Your vaccination history information is available from:

  1. Childhood immunisation records that many of your parents/guardians will have.
  2. Immunisations that were given at school are kept at the local council community services records.  Just ask at your local council chambers for a copy of your immunisation records
  3. Your local GP will have records if your vaccinations were given by them.

First Aid Certificate

A current HLTFA301B - Apply First Aid Certificate (formerly known as Senior First Aid) is required and a certified copy of this certificate is to be submitted to your Campus Workplace Learning Administrative Officer.  Some trainers may conduct a course at a subsidised rate during the 1st session on campus.  Organisations which offer this course to consider doing this course with include the Royal Lifesaving Society of NSW, St John's Ambulance or Allan's Training.

For further information go to the Workplace Learning i2 site.

Uniform Requirements

The uniform consists of

  • A clean and ironed blue Professional Placement shirt with CSU Pharmacy logo (male and female versions available)
  • Silver-grey tie (males only and optional)
  • Dark blue or black trousers or skirt (clean and ironed),
  • Black shoes
  • Name badge
  • Minimal jewellery - engagement ring/ wedding band and watch. Studs or sleeper earrings.


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