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Dr John Rae

Dr John Rae

MHSM - Charles Sturt University, MEd (Hons) - University of New England

John Rae is a Senior Lecturer in Health Services Management. He teaches in the School's programs in health service management.

Originally from a nursing background, John has worked for 35 years in the public health system in varying roles including health planning, service development, aged care management, quality management, project management, capital works redevelopment, genetic counselling, genetic counselling education, nurse education and clinical nursing.

An interest in creativity prompted John to complete a PhD at CSU where he examined the place of creativity in public health services. He continues to work in this and related areas.

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Currently responsible for teaching -

  • The Dynamics of Health Care Practice (HSM202)
  • Creativity, Innovation and Change (Health Services) (HSM411)
  • Current Issues in Health Services Management (HSM408)
  • Health Planning (HSM510)

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Research interests include organisational creativity, arts-based research, reflexivity in qualitative research, and arts-based learning and teaching.

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Selected Publications

Articles published [most recent] and forthcoming
  • Rae, J. & Green, B. (forthcoming). Portraying reflexivity in health services research. Qualitative Health Research.
  • Rae, J. (forthcoming). Art and other matter(s) of online professional education. Fusion Journal.
  • Ooi, S. L., Rae, J., & Pak, S. C. (2016). Implementation of evidence-based practice: A naturopath perspective. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 22, 24-28.
  • Johnston, T., MacQuarrie, A., & Rae, J. (2014). Bridging the gap: Reflections on teaching interprofessional communication to undergraduate paramedic and nursing students.  A Australasian Journal of Paramedicine,11(4).
  • O'Meara, P., Tourle, V., & Rae, J. (2012). Factors influencing the successful integration of ambulance volunteers and first responders into ambulance services. Health & Social Care in the Community, 20(5), 488-496.
  • O'Meara, P., Acker, J., Munro, G., Menzies, N., Rae, J., & Woollard, M. (2010). Enhancing the leadership and management competency of paramedics. Journal of Paramedic Practice, 2(6), 282-284.
  • Anderson, J. K., Rae, J. B., Grenade, L. E., & Boldy, D. P. (2008). Residents' satisfaction with multi-purpose services. Australian Health Review, 32(2), 349-355.
PhD Dissertation
  • Rae, J. (2015). Practising creativity: An arts-based investigation of creativity in professional practice, with specific reference to public health services. Unpublished PhD dissertation, Charles Sturt University.
International Presentation [Most recent]
  • Rae, J. (2015). Practising creativity: An arts-based investigation of creativity in professional practice, with specific reference to public health services. Paper presented at the 10th Organization Studies Summer Workshop, Chania, Greece.

Asia Pacific Presentation [Most recent]

  • Rae, J., (2015). The role of arts-based research and teaching in academic integrity. Paper presented to 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity, Albury,Australia.

Posters Presenters [Most recent]

  • Rae, J. (2015). The(Re)presentation and Extension of Art as Research through Metaphor. Poster presented at the Summer Institute of Qualitative Research, Manchester, England.
  • Rae, J. (2012). Connecting for creativity: A model for creativity in higher education. Poster presented at the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia conference, Hobart, Australia.

Creative Works 

  • Rae, J. (Artist). (2012). Acclaimed and framed: Insights from eight award winning health  professionals (Exhibition of 11 paintings)

Electronic Article

  • Rae, J. (2012). Understanding health care with a paintbrush. Arts Hub.

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John Rae is a member of the Education Advisory Group of the Western NSW Medicare Local

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