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Occupational Therapy

The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy course at Charles Sturt University strives to be a nationally recognised occupational therapy program known for excellence in innovation, relevance, and graduate employability. The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy course is a distinctive, quality, student-centred, and contemporary educational program that produces excellent, competent, and highly employable occupational therapy graduates capable of working in remote, rural, regional, metropolitan and international settings, with a diverse range of people. The course builds on a base of humanities, and social and biological sciences subjects to develop a high level of occupational therapy professional attitude, knowledge and skill, with emphasis on the: 

  • Importance of occupation as an innate human need and as having an impact on human health, wellness and performance across the lifespan;
  • Discovery, refinement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge about and related to occupational therapy and occupational science;
  • Engagement with communities and other professional groups through responsiveness, partnerships, and inclusiveness;
  • Social and occupational justice including ethical partnerships and global citizenship;
  • Centrality of relationship in person-centred practice;
  • Application of occupation in developing, restoring and improving occupational engagement;
  • Diversity of theoretical approaches to occupational therapy;
  • Principles and practice of person-centred approaches and strategies;
  • Local, national and international social, political and cultural perspectives;
  • Importance of research skills for evidence based practice, evaluation of practice and ongoing analysis and development of theory; and
  • Sustainable and responsible professional and personal development.