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Associate Professor Herbert Jelinek F.

Associate Professor Herbert Jelinek F.

BSc(Human Genetics)(Hons), GradDip(Neurosci), PhD(Neuroscience), GradCertTeach&Learn

Herbert Jelinek graduated in Human Genetics (Honours) from UNSW, Sydney and received a GradDip(Neurosci) from ANU (Canberra) followed by a PhD (University of Sydney ). His research is in diabetes and diabetic complications focusing on strategies for automated identification of cognitive, cardiac, peripheral vascular and retinal complications using biosignal and image processing. He has established a one stop screening unit for diabetes and cardiovascular disease at Charles Sturt University, Albury.

Currently Dr Jelinek has an adjunct position as clinical associate professor at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University and The Rural Clinical School, University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia as well as being an honorary senior research fellow with the Centre for Informatics and Optimization at Federation University, Ballarat, Australia.

Positions and Roles
  • Biomedical Science
  • School Research Higher Degree Coordinator
  • Chair School Research Committee
  • Member School Ethics Committee
  • Member Biosafety Committee

Working with GMDH Forecasting and Planning Software

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Dr Jelinek has been teaching for over 15 years in Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Chronic Disease and Molecular Biology. He is a member of the Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology Course Development Committees and continues to develop Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience subjects for the Allied Health Courses offered by School of Community Health. Dr Jelinek works with both internal as well as distance education.

Subject Delivery
  • BMS255 Neuroscience for Health Professionals
  • BMS350 Health and Chronic Disease
Innovations in Teaching
  • Student participation in diabetes screening research to develop communication skills and expertise in data collection and interpretation
  • Patient-based laboratory sessions in Neuroscience
  • Development of online review questions and self-assessment for neuroscience subject content

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Research and Publications

Dr Jelinek has been involved in diabetes and its complications research since 2002, which has as its main investigating change in cognitive function, cardiac, renal and nervous system genetics, physiology and biochemistry. He is an expert in nonlinear analysis of 2D images and biosignal processing. He has been involved in diabetes complications screening for over 10 years. He has contributed to the development of automated diabetic retinopathy screening tools, ECG analysis applications as well as web-based image analysis tools (Fractop V3). He is involved in developing engineering solutions in cardiac and stroke rehabilitation, as well as in rural and remote diabetes complications screening using engineering technology.


Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

University of Campinas, Brazil

  • Development of image analysis methodology for diabetic retinopathy with Prof Jacques Wainer and Dr Anderson Rocha at the Computer Science Department. This research addresses identification of retinopathy classes using data mining techniques and continues from work with Prof Roberto Cesar Jr at the Department of Computer Science, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Genetic and physiological biomarkers for identification of multiorgan diabetic neuropathy and development of a novel drug carrier system based on microbubble delvery

Khalifa University UAE

  • Autonomic nervous system neuropathy affects cardiac, kidney and peripheral function. I established and lead this project at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Khalifa University. The project involves determining common genes involved in autonomic neuropathy and their effect on physiological biomarkers as well as continuing investigations into genes linked with type 2 diabetes and metabolism. The aim is to combine this knowledge with data we have on inflammation and oxidative stress in the development and progression of diabetes and its complications and to further develop better drug delivery systems. The drug delivery system is based on microbubble transportation that can be specifically targeted at sites such as heart, kidney or peripheral blood vessels and therefore reduce the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy and improve current treatment options.

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy

University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio

  • Cardiac autonomic neuropathy is a diabetic complication, which has not received much attention despite it contributing substantially to sudden cardiac death in people with diabetes and also in other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and depression. Together with Dr Mika Tarvainen from the Biophysics Department and Dr David Cornforth (University of Newcastle, Australia) I have been developing novel automated biosignal analysis tools to grade cardiac autonomic neuropathy and identify this pathology in preclinical stages of diabetes.
  • I am currently putting a book together with co-editors Dr Ahsan Khandoker and Dr David Cornforth about biosignal analysis of cardiac autonomic neuropathy and application of heart rate variability analysis in medical applications.

Image Analysis

Medical University, Graz Austria and University of Belgrade, Serbia

  • Comparison of fractal analysis methods applied to the classification of neurons and microglia in health and disease. This research involves Dr Helmut Ahammer, Medical University of Graz, Austria, in applying innovative image analysis techniques to classification problems in medicine and biology.

University of Belgrade, Serbia

  • Fractal analysis methods are applied to classification of neurons in the central nervous system as well as retinal images of retinopathy of prematurity collaborating with Dr Nebojsa Miloševićat the Biophysics Department.


  • Cognitive decline is a relatively little researched area of diabetes complications. Together with Prof Franz Stachowiak (Germany), Dr Mika Tarvainen (University of Eastern Finland), Dr Faezeh Marzbanrad (Monash University, Australia) and Dr David Cornforth (Australia) I am investigating changes in the relationship between ECG, EEG (left and right prefrontal cortex) and respiration associated with tests results from a number of cognitive function tests (Vienna Test Battery). This project addresses a new concept of network physiology in terms of coupling between biosignals and how these couplings are affected in neuropathology.

Australian Collaborative Projects

All-in-One Diabetes Screening Diabetes Complications Screening Initiative (DiScRi) at Charles Sturt University, Albury, Australia. I established and coordinate DiScRi some 12 years ago for the New South Wales border area. I am investigating a new model of diabetes prevention and screening that incorporates the university’s expertise and experience in providing a part of diabetes health care to the local community using automated assessment procedures for diabetic retinopathy, heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. A multidisciplinary national and international team of researchers is associated with this research, which also provides the opportunity of allied health, primary health and students from clinical specialities to participate in a holistic, all-in-one screening program. Links have been established with Nationally, the Medical Schools of the University of Sydney (Assoc Prof Brett Hambly), and University of New South Wales (Assoc Prof Craig McLachlan) are involved principally with the cardiovascular and genetic analysis. These universities are contributing senior academic researchers, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students.

The School of Communication, Design and Information Technology from the University of Newcastle (Dr David Cornforth, Dr Marc Adam), the Laboratory for Parallel and Distributed Computing Lab at Deakin University (Prof Jemal Abawaji, Prof John Yearwood, Dr Shamsul Huda and Dr Morshed Chowdhury) and the Centre for Informatics and Optimisation, Federation University (Assoc Prof Andrew Stranieri) play a crucial role in developing datamining algorithms for classification of diabetes complications, specifically cardiac autonomic neuropathy.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Khalifa University (Dr Ahsan Khandoker, Assoc Prof Kinda Khalaf), are developing algorithms for analysis of the ECGs, EEGs and biomechanics.


Google Scholar: Citations – 5806, h-index – 34; Research Gate: RG score – 40.36

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Community Engagement

Dr Jelinek primarily contributes to providing a diabetes and cardiovascular health screening research program for rural communities. He offers an all-in-one, one-stop diabetes screening opportunity to the Border (Albury-Wodonga) community He is currently working in the UAE investigating depression, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Emirati and Bedouin populations.

Memberships and Affiliations
  • IEEE Enginering in Biology and Medicine Society
  • Australian Diabetes Association

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