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Workplace Learning

Workplace learning (clinical education, fieldwork, placement and/or practicum) experiences underpin development of students’ professional practice capabilities and readiness to engage with contemporary healthcare environments on graduation. Contemporary healthcare environments are dynamic and rapidly changing.

The School of Community Health works collaboratively with allied health professionals to develop flexible and innovative workplace learning experiences for our allied health students. In this way students are equipped to work in these dynamic, rapidly changing and evolving healthcare environments.

Students are offered a broad range of workplace learning experiences in metropolitan, regional, rural, remote and international contexts enabling them to develop professional skills and capabilities in a diversity of settings. Through community engagement students develop their understanding of communities’ health needs and workplace learning projects are built around addressing these needs.

Allied Health graduates of our programs are able to competently work in a variety of settings as they are equipped for the demands of regional, rural and remote employment, as well as working in metropolitan and international settings.