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Current research opportunities in the School of Dentistry and Health Sciences are listed below. For further information please contact the relevant staff member directly. All contact information can be found by following the link to their profile page.

Research Topic
Professor Rob Davidson
Radiation dose an image quality in medical imaging; Clinical issues in CR/DR. CT and MRI; Image processing in digital radiography
Dr Geoff Currie
Diagnostic imaging, oncology, cardiology, and complementary medicine. Clinical nuclear medicine, molecular imaging, PET/CT, SPECT/CT, radiopharmacy, radiotherapy, pharmacokinetics, ultrasound, MRI, traditional Chinese medicine, western herbal medicine and non human imaging (veterinary scintigraphy and plant physiology).
Dr Allan Ernest
The current research focus is the continuing development of a model involving the discovery of theoretically dark quantum gravitational eigenstates which allow astrophysical dark matter to arise as a natural consequence of cosmic evolution and thus may provide a solution to the dark matter problem in terms of ordinary well-known particles, yet avoid the conflicts that such an ‘all-baryonic’ universe usually has with primordial nucleosynthesis ratios and the cosmic background radiation anisotropy observations. Other general research interests include theoretical astrophysics, cosmology and quantum physics, and theoretical and experimental atomic and molecular physics.
Associate Professor Susan McAlpin
Rural health, rural health workforce, historical methodology and oral history methodology, nutrition and dietetics.
Dr Hans Swan
Medical Radiation Science and Medical Radiation Physics. More specifically, supervision capability in: Ultrasound Physics and Technology, areas of Sonography and MRI.
Dr Janelle Wheat
Nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and herbal medicine.
More specifically, supervision capability and experience in; nuclear cardiology, cardiovascular health, palliative care, cancer detection,  cancer therapy, cancer survivorship, traditional Chinese medicine and western herbal medicine.

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