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Associate Professor Kelly Spuur

Associate Professor Kelly Spuur

AscDip(DiagMedRad)(SCTAFE) ,DipHSci(MedImag) (CSU) ,BApSc(MedImag)(CSU) ,PhD (Usyd), GradCertLearn&TeachHigherEd (CSU)

Associate Professor Kelly Spuur (nee Bentley) is CSU Alumni and a qualified radiographer with over thirty years of clinical experience with specialisation in diagnostic and screening mammography. Kelly trained at Westmead and Manly District Hospitals in Sydney before relocating to private practice in regional NSW. Kelly commenced her PhD study whilst working clinically with a view to moving to academia. She commenced teaching in 2002 with Charles Sturt University moving into full time academia in 2008. Kelly has also held a senior management position at CQUniveritsy as Head of Program for Medical Imaging & Medical Sonography in the programs inaugural year.
Kelly has a broad teaching and research interest in all modalities across the medical radiation sciences. She currently teaches into the undergraduate Bachelor of Medical Imaging program and is academic lead for postgraduate subjects.

Kelly is registered to supervise Honours, Masters and PhD students and also coordinates the School of
Dentistry and Health Science Honours program. She is also the Chair of the School Research

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Research interests in the area of breast imaging include:

  • Image quality
  • Image quality criteria
  • Positioning
  • Quality assurance
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workforce
  • Communication

Current projects focus on the PGMI image evaluation system; evidence based practice in mammographic image quality analysis; imaging the augmented breast and coned beam breast CT.

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Kelly believes in sharing knowledge through open and personal engagement. Her teaching experience includes undergraduate and post graduate teaching to internal and external (domestic and international) cohorts in the disciplines of Medical Imaging and Medical Sonography with specialisation in breast imaging.

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Kelly is registered Diagnostic Radiographer with the Medical Radiation Protection Board of Australia, (MRPBA). She holds Fellowship with the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) and is a member of the ASMIRT NSW Riverina-ACT Sub-branch Committee.

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View Publications

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