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Environmental science and heritage management professionals face an increasing array of global scale issues, and expanding understandings of links between environmental challenges and social and cultural contexts and issues. Australian graduates in these disciplines are entering an increasingly global workplace where global perspectives arising from international cross-cultural experiences are highly valued, and where understanding of challenges and solutions in different contexts are increasingly important in resolving complex human and environmental challenges.

This program provides students with the opportunity to expand their awareness of global and local scale issues in natural and cultural heritage management through direct experience of issues in Cambodia. These experiences will challenge their understandings and assumptions built around experiences in Australia, and extend their capacity to resolve problems in diverse situations and contexts. The experience will also build cultural awareness amongst the students and provide them with a broader range of personal skills and knowledge, contributing to their capacities to engage in the professional workforce on graduation.

This program is an additional short term study program to the two already running within the School of Environmental Sciences (to East Timor and Nepal), so will expand the opportunities for students to gain from an international experience, and thus increase the number of students engaging in international mobility. The program will also expand the current international linkages of the School of Environmental Sciences and CSU, providing the opportunity to develop relationships with Cambodian institutions and International NGOs. Discussions have already been held with the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and it is envisaged that other agencies and organisations will be engaged in developing the itinerary and interacting with the students. The School of Environmental Sciences also intends to use this program to build relationships with Cambodian partners (particularly the RUPP) with an intention of generating cross-institutional support for development of an International Masters of Environmental Management.

Students participating in this program will be enrolled in a project subject with a value equivalent to one standard subject load, (Or one eighth of an annual full time load). Activities in Cambodia will be facilitated by local experts and Charles Sturt university academics. Students will be required to complete assessment tasks including undertaking a pre-departure literature review of a nominated topic related to the Cambodian experience, and an in-depth analysis of the experiences and findings of the field program in relation to their chosen topic.