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Postgraduate Students

Student Thesis Topic
Janey ADAMS Impacts of ungulate trampling on peatland vegetation communities in the Snowy Mountains, NSW
Inam AHMED How do spatial and temporal scales of investigation influence the characteristics and metrics of in-stream ecohydraulics
Carmen AMOS Response of frogs to environmental factors on a range of scales in the Lachlan Catchment of NSW.
Chaka CHIROZVA Exploring the role of power in the governance of transfrontier conservation areas: A case study of the Great Limpopo
Adrian CLEMENTS Ecological responses of ephemeral wetland vegetation to water regime and quality.
Erika CROSS Dynamics of south eastern Australian woodlands: insights from dense regeneration
James DYER The role of movement in explaining the distribution of riverine shrimp
Jamin FORBES Population dynamics and implications for management of a Murray cod and golden perch fishery in south eastern Australia
Ashlea HUNTER Relationship between psychological wellbeing and ecological characteristics of urban green spaces.
Shasha (Xiaoying) LIU Ecological Characterisation and Scenario Setting for Lake Cowal
Moragh MACKAY Collaborative partnerships in NRM - vague entities of purposive adaptive governance? 
Mei Mei MEILANI Community Ecotourism in Indonesia 
Michelle OLIVIER
A critical  examination of the relationship between sustainability and localisation
Zsofia PALFI The role of novel human disturbances on ant-plant interactions in roadside environments
Dena PARIS  
Luisa PEREZ MUJICA Combining stakeholder participation with a systems simulation approach to study the sustainability of the socio-economic outcomes created through wetland restoration
Buddi POUDEL Effects of Pastoralism on Foraging and Behaviour of Himalayan Marmot Marmota himalayana in the Nepalese Trans-Himalaya
Eak RANA Ecosystem service trade-offs in forest commons: Learning from community forestry in central Himalaya Nepal.
Jess SCHOEMAN Optimising water management in the Anthropocene? A case study of adaptive management in the Lachlan Catchment (inland New South Wales, Australia)
Jennifer SHERRY The social-cultural context of vulnerability to natural hazards in Nepal
Kylie SINGH Freshwater turtle communities in regulated river systems of the lower Murray-Darling Basin: Habitat use, demography and spatial ecology
Abbie SPIERS An exploration of community perceptions of wetland health in New Zealand.(email)
Samantha STRONG Exploring the paradoxes of native vegetation management in south east Australia in the early 21st Century.
Daniel SVOZIL  
Karma TENZING Common Property Resource Management in Bhutan: opportunities and challenges for high altitude rangelands and livelihoods.
Connectivity conservation: an exploration of practitioners’ experiences in Australia
 Amelia WALCOTT Identification and ecological assessment of wetland ecosystems in response to changing hydrologies: a case study in the Mid Lachlan Catchment
 Joseph WALTERS-NEVET Litter-bed dynamics in southern Australian woodlands: pattern, process, function 

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Masters Students

Student Masters Topic
Darren HERPICH Identification of Submarine Groundwater Discharge using Thermal Infrared in the Karst Landscape of South East South Australia
Bugi SUMIRATSocial capital of farmer forest groups in Indonesia

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Honours Students

Student Honours Topic
Jessica FLEMING 

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