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Richard Crabbe

 Richard Crabbe

PhD, UNE, MSc, ITC Enschede & Soton, BA, UG Legon

Richard Crabbe is a professional spatial scientist with many years of research experience in novel application of earth observation data, machine learning and biophysical models to solving real world problems in pasture and forest systems. Until 2016, Richard was working on a carbon flux monitoring project in Europe, with a particular interest in integrating satellite remote sensing into soil CO2 efflux monitoring. Through Richard’s relation with the Global Change Research Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, he facilitated the creation of an international carbon flux monitoring project at the University of Energy and Natural Resources in Ghana. Over the years, Richard has been on different projects as a remote sensing expert in performing various roles including:

- Estimating pasture biomass and species composition using Synthetic Aperture Radar data

- Estimating CO2 emissions from soils using Landsat-8

- Evaluating the impact of extreme warm temperature events on vegetation phenology

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  • SPA217  Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • SPA 313  Advanced Geographic Information Systems

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Research Interests

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Vegetation biomass modelling
  • Land surface phenology
  • Carbon flux measurement
  • Machine learning in  spatial science

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Society of Precision Agriculture Australia

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Crabbe, R.A., Lamb, D.W., Edwards, C. Discriminating between C3, C4, and mixed C3/C4 pasture grasses of a grazed landscape using multi-temporal Sentinel-1A data. Remote Sensing 2019, 11, 253.

Crabbe, R.A., Lamb, D.W. Estimating biophysical variables of pasture cover using Sentinel-1 data. 2017.

Crabbe, R.A., Janouš, D., Dařenová, E., Pavelka, M., 2019. Exploring the potential of LANDSAT-8 for estimation of forest soil CO2 efflux. Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinformation 77, 42–52.

Dařenová, E., Crabbe, R.A., J Knott, R., Uherková, B., Kadavý, J., 2018. Effect of coppicing, thinning and throughfall reduction on soil water content and soil CO2 efflux in a sessile oak forest, Silva Fenn. 52.

Crabbe, R.A., Dash, J., Rodriguez-Galiano, V.F., Janous, D., Pavelka, M., Marek, M.V., 2016. Extreme warm temperatures alter forest phenology and productivity in Europe. Sci. Total Environ. 563–564, 486–495.

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