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Student Research

Current Students


Research Topic/Title


Adam Carey

Understanding contributions to successful BMX Supercross performance

Blake Collins

Implications for current exercise prescription recommendations on cardiac health in sedentary populations

Stephen Goodman

The effect of dehydration on cognitive and neuromuscular function

Penelope Larsen

The relationship between sleep, appetite and physical activity among middle-aged adults

Kerry Mann

Lumbopelvic instability:  The primary cause of lower limb injuries in pre-elite youth athletes?

John RobertsPersistent pain following total knee arthroplasty.  Can it be predicted?  Can it be prevented?

Kelsey Richards

An examination of women in leadership positions in sport:  A case study of Australian Rules Football

Andrew Schaefer

Investigation into lumbar spine injury risk factors during fast bowling in junior cricketers

Daryl South

Influence of a resilience intervention on heart rate variability and performance and decision-making in stressful environments

Praneel Titheradge

The confluence of fluid dynamics to physiology:  Instrumentation and validation of a venturi airflow sensor for expired gas analysis indirect calorimetry

Georgia Wingfield

The effect of deception, knowledge and environmental changes on components of fatigue during self-paced exercise

Graduated Students


Research Topic/Title

Ee Von Chia (2015)

The effect of age and training on fatigue, pacing and thermoregulation

Peter Fowler (2014)

Effects of international and domestic air travel on team sport performance and recovery

Danielle Girard (2017)

Neuromuscular mechanisms contributing to self-reported post-treatment cancer fatigue and the effects of resistance training

William Haug (2015)

500 m short track speed skating start performance:  A quantification of importance and development through dry-land means

Tegan Kastelein (2016)

The effects of cigarette smoking and exercise on cerebral and cardiovascular responses, oxidative stress and systemic inflammation; the influence of smoking status and age.

Amy Mendham (2014)

Exercise prescription for improving inflammatory and glucose regulatory outcomes in inactive Indigenous Australian and Caucasian men

Alistair Murphy (2015)

Load monitoring in high performance youth tennis players.  Preparation for competition readiness

Katrina Onus (2017)

The physiology of self-paced exercise:  Pharmacological intervention and cell stress response in the heat

Darren Powell (2015)

Charities, corporate philanthropy and healthy lifestyles education in New Zealand primary schools

Caroline Robertson (2016)

The brain and exercise:  Neurophysiological correlates of tolerance, regulation and termination

Nicole Vargas (2016)

Limiting factors in self-paced exercise tolerance – the role of neuroinflammation and central sensitisation