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Patricia Logan

 Patricia Logan

B.Sc. Macquarie University;
M.App.Sc.(MedRad)(Res) University of Sydney;
Grad.Cert. Uni. Tech. & Learn. Charles Sturt University, SFHEA and GAICD

Dr Logan began her career as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist working for over 20 years in large metropolitan and regional hospitals as well as private practice. She undertook a biology degree at Macquarie University to broaden her skills. Patricia's introduction to university teaching began at the University of Sydney in Nuclear Medicine.

Dr Logan completed her research Masters with their School of Medical Radiation Science and her PhD with the CSU Faculty of Education. She has been employed with CSU since the inception of the Dubbo Campus and has undertaken various roles as the campus has developed. Her research interests include tertiary education in science, health education, academic professional practice, medical imaging and neuroscience.

Dr Logan served as elected academic staff member for CSU University Council for 2 years to June 2012. She received the Faculty of Science Award for Academic Excellence in 2011.

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Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) United Kingdom

Teaching grants

Project lead: Office of Learning and Teaching Seed Grant 2016

Enrolled nurse transition: development of a university preparation program for direct entry to 2nd year.

Please see the Bioscience Essentials website developed by this project team


Teaching awards

  • 2011 Faculty of Science Academic Excellence Award
  • 2009 Australian College of Educators World Teachers Day - Teaching Award
  • 2001 Faculty of Health Studies, Award for Teaching Excellence – Orana Health Unit Team Award

Patricia has previously taught the following subjects :

  • BMS191 and BMS192 Human Bioscience 1 and 2
  • BMS291 and BMS292 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1 and 2
  • BMS332 Applied Cardiovascular Physiology
  • BMS301 Special Topics – supervising students interested in aspects of health professional practice, education for health practitioners, rural and remote health, medical imaging.
  • Masters subjects BMS508 & BMS510 –  supervising students interested in aspects of health professional practice, education for health practitioners, rural and remote health, medical imaging

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Patricia undertakes research in the following areas:

  • Professional practice
  • Health science education (tertiary)

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Logan, P.A. (2012). Science in Nursing. Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8484-4979-8

Chapters in books

Tertiary Science Education

Cox, J., Logan, P.A., Curtis, A. (2014). Chapter 7 Being a nursing or paramedic student in rural and regional NSW: Profiles and Challenges, IN Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-being and Social Change. Ragosa, A.T. (Ed). Bentham Science Publishers.pp.300-337.eISBN 978-1-60805-802-0.

Becoming An Academic/Transition To Academia

Adams, E., Logan, P., Rorrison, D., & Munro, G. (2013). Chapter 6 Looking after yourself: Lessons to be learned on entering academia. In S. Loftus, T. Gerzina, J. Higgs, M. Smith & E. Duffy (Eds.), Educating health professionals: Becoming a university teacher (pp.61-70). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers. ISBN 978-94-6209-351-5.

Peer Reviewed Journal articles

Tertiary Science Education

Logan, P.A., Dunphy, J., McClean, R., Ireland, M. (2013). Six years of teaching human bioscience, pathophysiology and pharmacology: a journey of reflective practice. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education Special Edition. 21(3), 82-103.

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Logan, P.A. & Angel, L. (2011). Nursing as a scientific undertaking and the intersection with science in undergraduate studies: implications for nursing management.  Journal of Nursing Management – Adverse Events Special Edition. 19, 407-417.

Indigenous Education

Owens, K., Doolan, P., Bennet, M., Paraide, P., Logan, P., Jannok Nutti, Y.,  Murray, L., Peckham, R., O'Sullivan, D., Hill, J.,Doolan, F., Johansson, G., Simpson, A., Sunnari, V., Ohrin, C., Nolan, J.,  Doolan, T., Doolan, M., Miller, A., Murray, B., McNair, M. & Taylor, P. (deceased). (2012). Continuities in Education: Pedagogical Perspectives and The Role of Elders in Education for Indigenous Students. Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues. 15(1), 20-39.

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Lawler, L.M.A., Logan-Sinclair, P.A., Holland, L.E., Troutman, G. (2000). Black and White Learning Interchange: Evaluating the effectiveness of a program to upgrade qualifications to Bachelor Degree for Aboriginal Health Workers in remote and rural NSW.  Australian Journal of Primary Health-Interchange 6(3), 164-74. (ERA – B).

Health Science

Spurway, J., Logan, P. & Pak., S. (2012). The development, structure and blood flow within the umbilical cord with particular reference to the venous system. Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine –AJUM 15(3), 97-102.

Logan-Sinclair, P.A. & Davison, A. (2007). Diagnosing Dementia in rural NSW. Australian Journal Rural Health 15,183-188.

Patterson, K. & Logan-Sinclair, P. (2003). Continuum of Care and the Antenatal Record in Rural New South Wales. Australian Journal Rural Health. 11,110-115

Peer Reviewed Published Conference full papers

Logan-Sinclair, P.A. & Heathcote, S. (2006). 'Arrgh' to Eureka: challenges facing rural lecturers of science to undergraduate nurses. AARE Conference, Adelaide, Nov. 2006. Published April 2007.

Logan-Sinclair, P.A. & Coombe, K. (2006). Science in nursing or nursing science? a preliminary report. AARE Conference, Adelaide, Nov. 2006. Published April 2007.

Recent Conference Presentations

Logan, PA, Cox, JE & Nielsen, S. (2014). Testing a Model for Identifying Nursing and Paramedic Students Risk in Level 1 Human  Bioscience Student Engagement: From the classroom to the workplace ACSME 2014 Sydney, 29th Sep- 1st Oct. 2014.

Rorrison, D & Logan, PA (2014). What was that all about? Transforming identities of schoolteachers as academics. A critical study of transition and meaning making  Paper 039. Transitions in Teacher Education and Professional Identities ATEE Annual Conference 2014, Portugal UMinho, Braga (PT), 25-27 Aug 2014

Rorrison, D. & Logan, PA. (2013).  What was that all about? Transforming identities of professionals as academics. A critical study of transition and meaning making . AARE Conference, Adelaide, 1-5 Dec. 2013.

Logan, PA, Cox, JE, Nielsen, S. & Cavanagh, H. (2013). Identifying student risk at entry in human bioscience independent of university entry scores. AARE Conference, Adelaide, 1-5 Dec. 2013.

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