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Coordinators of Workshop Learning

Placement Co-ordination

Professional Placements - MidwiferyThe activities involved in the coordination of placements include:

  • Identifying potential workplace learning opportunities.
  • Advising students of workplace learning opportunities and in some cases allocating students to placements.
  • Keeping records of students' workplace learning experiences.
  • Coordinating students' completion of pre-placement requirements.
  • Liaising with industry staff about optimal learning activities.
  • Liaising with industry staff about students' academic and professional performance during workplace learning.
  • Designing workplace learning programs that will ensure students' achievement of learning outcomes.

Governance and Policy

The Governance of workplace learning is covered by the CSU academic regulations as identified in the Academic Manual. In addition there are Faculty and School policies and guidelines relevant to the conduct of workplace learning.

Faculty of Science Policies for workplace learning

Professional Placements - Pharmacy

Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding

  • Placement agreements are held between CSU and individual placement agencies, or organisations with responsibility for a number of placement agencies. These agreements set out the conditions under which a placement will operate and the responsibilities of each party. CSU uses a standard agreement template that can be adapted for particular situations and types of placement. In some circumstances the standard agreement template is not used; rather written communication between CSU and the agency, for example a letter, sets out the agreed terms of the placement.
  • The development of agreements is initiated by staff involved in workplace learning for a course when the placement is identified. An agreement can be initiated by contacting the CSU solicitor. The agreement is then developed and negotiated before finally being signed by both parties (CSU and the agency). The authority to sign agreements is delegated to Heads of Schools according to the legal and commercial delegations to sign as documented in the University Administration manual. Agreements that cover more than one school will be signed by the Dean or in some instances the Vice-Chancellor. Once signed hard copies of agreements they are retained in Schools and stored in the TRIM database.
  • In some circumstances a Memoranda of Understanding will be signed between parties indicating a commitment to co-operation in workplace learning.